A camera

I want a camera to my skills growing up and go to photography line.so please give me a camera. Thankyou.

Please give me laptop

Please give any laptop

A laptop

Pls someone help me I want a laptop for my job ,my old laptop is in bad condition not working properly pls so that I can earn for my house


I want laptop for or pc for work

Himanshu raaz



I want a wireless headset

Want A smartphone.

In desperate need of a good smartphone, can't afford a phone as i give all I earn to my family's needs. And the phone i am currently using is in very bad condition. The phone body is broke, screen's broken. Earphone jack not working. Battery not good, charging port has issues. Help if you can please

I want I phone

My phone get damage and dirty. Present time I don't have any phone it's my father phone so please I want I phone please give me phone


I want

I need books of class 5 to 12

Hi, I need books of class 5th to 12th. If you have any one of these classes please donate me for teaching.