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please do help

I am a student need a laptop to attend college but can't afford it please do help me

Want laptop


Please give me laptop

Please give any laptop

A laptop

Pls someone help me I want a laptop for my job ,my old laptop is in bad condition not working properly pls so that I can earn for my house


I want laptop for or pc for work

Hi I am sahil

I am help for laptop to purchase for free

I need a laptop

I am a paramedical student and also preparing for neet exam (medical entrance exam) and for online classes i really need a laptop but I can't afford it due to some financial reasons .

Students laptop

I am so poor that i cant buy the laptop please help me


I'm a student and i dont have money for buying laptop, please help me

Get a free Laptop.

I am very poor student. I have no money. So i want to a free laptop for my education.


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