How to get freebies from Ghaziabad

Here is a website you can search free stuff or request free stuff from Ghaziabad. You may get used books, smart phones, furniture, laptop or any used items.

Click the below link to see what is available in Ghaziabad freely. You can also subscribe to Ghaziabad, so that you will get notified when some free stuff posted in Ghaziabad. Subscription button available at the bottom of the page from the link below.

Link to Ghaziabad :

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You can own and run

When the world is going for e-commerce, we see a great opportunity for FreeCommerce, where things shared freely to individuals directly. You can grab an opportunity to help society by letting things flow free of cost. is up and running web app, which facilitates digital platform for sharing things freely especially books, phones, laptops, furniture and anything. It is active since 2020, getting visitors through advertisement.

A Classified for Free Stuff in India

Give your used Books, Furniture, Phones, etc to needy, Get things freely. Dumps in your home, can help others. Help the individuals directly. Search free stuff here or request your needs freely.


1) What is this site for?
To give your unused things to needy free of cost. You might freely give the books you have read, dispose unwanted furniture, phones and etc freely to those who are in need. You enable recycling, and avoid landfill or garbage collection in your home. Click 'Give' link to post your things freely to your neighbors.