1) What is this site for?
To give your unused books to needy free of cost. You might freely give the books you have read to those who are in need. You enable recycling, and avoid landfill or garbage collection in your home. Click 'Give' link to post your books freely to your neighbors.

2) I am in need of books, how will you use the site?
You can search free books listed in this site, and msg/whatsapp/sms/text the owner who is ready to give books freely. Fix appointment and collect what you want from the provider directly free of cost. Ensure your security.

3) I need a book, which is not listed in the site, what shall I do?
You can post the books you want in this site. Click "Give" link and choose type as Want. There is no guarantee that you will get what you want because you posted your want here. You may get what you want, by chance, if someone see your posting with the intention of helping.

4) I have given my books free. what is next?
Thanks, duly delete your posting, you can click "Delete" link at the top of your posting. To avoid further calls, delete your posting after it served the purpose.

5) Does FreeYa.in provide books freely?
No, FreeYa.in does not provide book freely. It is a platform to connect people who are ready to give books freely and people who are in need of book and collect by themselves. It is truly a Free Books Classified and Direct, we are not middling between giver and taker, direct deal, no middle men. Moreover, content in this platform are user contributed and immediate, hence FreeYa.in can not verify its genuineness. It is the user, who is using the information has to verify the genuineness of the content. NOBODY From FreeYa.in Will Contact You For Anything.

6) My city, area, category are not listed
While posting free items, you can create your city, area, category, sub category on your own.

7) Photos are not attached.
After choosing the photo, click Upload button, you will see smaller size of your photo. Then, click Save button to save your listing.

8) I want to edit my listing.
You can not edit you listing. You could delete and recreate your listing instead of editing.

9) I dont have any books to be given as of now. What shall I do?
You could refer/inform about FreeYa.in to your friends and known ones. They might have some books to give to the needy. It helps.